Extension Bulletins

  1. Estimating Farm Machinery Cost
  2. Beniseed Production and Utilisation in Nigeria
  3. Bull and Ram Fattening
  4. CASSAVA Production Processing and utilization
  5. Garlic Production Under Irrigation
  6. Heat Tolerant Tomato Production Under Irrigation
  7. Herd Health Management in Farm Animals
  8. Irrigated Onion Production And Management
  9. Irrigated Pepper Production
  10. Leadership and Interpersonal Skills
  11. MAIZE Production Marketing Processing Utilization In Nigeria
  12. Major Diseases and Pests of Forest Trees and Their Control in Nigeria
  13. Preparation Processing and Utilization of Fish Products
  14. Production of Gum Arabic
  15. Restraining Techniques in Farm Animals
  16. Construction of Multi Purpose Roaster
  17. Control of Worms in Cattle Sheep and Goats
  18. Duck Production in Nigeria
  19. Economics of Aquaculture Production
  20. Feed Formulation and Feeding Practices in Nigeria Fish Culture
  21. Fish Culture in Ponds
  22. Fish Pond Fertilization Techniques
  23. Fish Pond Site Selection and Construction
  24. Harchery Management Practices in Poultry
  25. Improving the Performance of Local Chikens
  26. Integrated Aquaculture Technologies for Fish Farmers
  27. Management of Drugs and Veterinary Equipment on the Farm
  28. Onion Production and Management under Irrigation
  29. Pepper Production Under Irrigation
  30. Production and utilization of ogbono (Irvingia Gabonensis)
  31. Production of Lablab in Nigeria
  32. Rice Production Processing Utilization and Marketing in Nigeria
  33. Rubber Production in Nigeria
  34. Shikabrown Production and Management
  35. Snail Production Techniques in Nigeria
  36. The Production of Guinea Fowl in Nigeria
  37. Tomato Processing and Utilization
  38. Transporting Fish for Culture
  39. Water Quality Management in Fish Culture
  40. Bull and Ram Fattening