Research Programme Areas

The institute has six (6) major reseacrh programme areas and their respective project scope undertaken by each programme. Below is the list of programmes and the project areas:


Agricultural Communication Research

Research Project Areas:

  • Audience survey,
  • Agricultural communication channels development,
  • Message content development and packaging,
  • ICT in agriculture,
  • Information needs studies.

Agricultural Performance and Evaluation

Research Project Areas:

  • Annual Wet Season Agricultural Performance Survey (APS);
  • Annual Wet Season Agricultural Performance Survey (APS);
  • Annual Dry Season Agricultural Performance Survey (APS);
  • Agricultural Census - (Characterization of farmers,  Extension Agents,  Farm machines);
  • REFILS Performance and Improvement;
  • Performance of commercialization and agro-industries;
  • Climate change, agriculture and environment interactions.

Agricultural Extension Research

Research Project Areas:

  • Adoption Studies;
  • Extension Systems and process studies;
  • Extension systems adaptation studies;
  • PPP in Agricultural Extension service;
  • Gender and youths issues in agriculture;
  • HIV/AIDS and other health issues & Agriculture;
  • Indigenous Knowledge System in Agriculture.

Agricultural Economics and Resource Management

Research Project Areas:

  • Policy Analysis and impact assessment;
  • Household food security and livelihood studies;
  • Adaption/standardization of local measures in agriculture;
  • Agricultural Commercialization and Linkage Studies;
  • Financial analysis of agric enterprises;
  • Commodity value chain analysis;
  • Farmers groups/cooperatives studies;
  • Rural Institution Development;
  • Food habits and culture studies.

Extension Training and Outreach

Research Project Areas:

  • Capacity building;
  • Extension publications (Print and Electronic);
  • Technology innovation adaptation;
  • Agric farm broadcasting;
  • Adopted villages  (Extension Model Testing);
  • Skill acquisition and development Center;
  • Agric information resource centers;
  • Research-industry linkages.

Library Documentation and Information Resource

Research Project Areas:

  • Maintaining of e-library resource.