Livestock and Fisheries Department

This is livestock and Fisheries Department.

The mandate of the department is in the development, collation and dissemination of proven livestock and fisheries technology and carry out adoption study on the disseminated technology.

Our areas of expertise are both in animal and fish production. The specialties in the areas of animal production includes nutrition of both small and large ruminants and breeding, while in fisheries production we are involved in fisheries ecology, breeding, nutrition and processing technology.

The activities in the department is on research and extension and it is centered on sustainable use of livestock and fisheries inputs to produce output that can be recycled in environmental friendly agricultural production activities. The department is actively involved in the activities of the skills acquisition and entrepreneurship unit of the institute. Other activities incudes:

  1. Production of extension publications of national relevance in livestock and fisheries
  2. Conduct research in the areas of technology transfer and adoption process
  3. Produce materials of national importance for radio/television extension programmes
  4. Produce other media packages to support extension efforts in livestock and fisheries
  5. Initiate and or participate in training organised by the institute
  6. Identify field problems in livestock and fisheries and communicate same to relevant Research institute.

The department has participated in a number of project among which includes:

  • Training of youth on livestock and fisheries farming sponsored by NNPC
  • Livestock extension publication production for West African Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAP, Nigeria).

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