Food Technology and Rural Home Economics

The Food Technology and Home Economics Department operate with the broad objectives to empower rural women and their families, in skills and technologies to enable them participate in state and National development. The Department’s specialized areas include Foods and nutrition, Food processing, Home Management, Clothing and Textiles, and Child Development and Family living.

The objectives of the Department in respect to specialized areas include to:

  1. Transfer developed proven and appropriate technologies and innovations through the use of various extension methods to farm families.
  2. Encourage the adoption and appropriate technologies through skill development, trainings, workshops and publications.
  3. Empowering women and children with the knowledge and skills involve in food choices, preparation, processing, preservation, storage and utilization.
  4. Identify signs of deficiency diseases, poor nutrition and ways to overcome/control them.
  5. Identify the needs/values of individual/family/community for food, shelter, clothing and other available resources.
  6. Seek means to identify and satisfying needs/values through good decision making.



The Department has the following major area of expertise:

  1. Foods and nutrition: Human Nutrition and Food processing, preservation, packaging and storage
  2. Home Management
  3. Clothing and Textiles
  4. Child development and family living

Adopted Village Activities

The Department works with all the women faction of the Adopted Village groups. Some of the activities carried out include:

  1. Skill training for income generation to improve the economic status of the women.
  2. Supplying day old chicks/goats/ram fatting for income generation.
  3. Facilitation/linkage with micro finance for loan.

Agricultural monthly/quarterly Technology Review Meeting at ADPs (MTRM/QTRM)

Academic and Technical of the Department do participle in the MTRM/QTRM of the various ADPs Nation-wide.

Some Television Programs

  1. Demonstration of NAERLS groundnut oil processing machines 1993
  2. Documentary program on NAERLS groundnut oil processing machines 1999
  3. Wheat processing and utilization   2005
  4. How to operate knitting machine   2007

Some Radio Programs

  1. How to operate a food vending venture 1990
  2. Kitchen arrangement, 1991
  3. Fruit juice processing, 1998
  4. Clothing and clothing management (4 series), 2000
  5. Nutritional importance of millet, 2015

Some Projects/Researches undertaken by the department:

  1. Food quality evaluation of ICRISAT Cereals/Legumes 1992-1994
  2. Problems associated with locally grown wheat for bread making 1992-1994
  3. Soyabeans Utilization in Nigeria                  1993-1999
  4. Evaluation of soap and pomade quality made from Jatrophaoil for household utilization 2013
  5. Production of soap and pomade from Jatropha oil for household utilization 2014.


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