Agricultural Extension and Economics

The Agricultural Extension and Economics Department (AEED) is one of the five core departments of NAERLS. Its current staffing includes three Professors, twelve PhDs and eight M.Scs with specializations in either agricultural extension or agricultural economics.

The primary mandate is conduct of agricultural extension and economics research, training, outreach and related activities in Nigeria.

Over the years, the Department’s research thrusts have concentrated in areas of:

  • Extension service delivery methods, tools and approaches relevant to the various agricultural sub-sectors in Nigeria
  • Studies on agricultural technology adoption processes and practices relevant to the various agricultural sub-sectors in Nigeria; especially crops, livestock, fisheries, forestry, mechanization and irrigation
  • Studies on social and economic impact of adoption of agricultural innovations in Nigeria
  • Capacity building and empowerment for various target groups in the Nigerian agricultural value chain
  • Legal and institutional issues for effectiveness of agricultural extension service delivery in Nigeria,
  • Cost-effectiveness and sustainability issues in the agricultural extension service delivery system in Nigeria, and
  • The Nigeria Annual Agricultural Performance Assessment (APS).

Routine activities, through which the Department achieves its mandate, include:

  • preparation of annual, medium and long-term plans;
  • implementation of approved plans;
  • preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual reports of its activities;
  • seminars,
  • conferences,
  • periodic meetings of technical committees and preparation of annual estimates for approved plans.

The Department has (either solely or jointly) designed and implemented several projects having agricultural extension and economics components in different parts of Nigeria. Its staff has published numerous radio & TV programmes, handbills, handbooks and manuals on various topics in agricultural extension, farm management and agri-business, mainly targeted at farmers and agricultural extension agents; many of which are available online on the institute’s website.

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